basabasije. takde isi.

22 March 2012

ok, dont be shocked!

in one day, i can read all the post in my blog. ALL. dr awal hingga akhir.
gila ke ape, g buat project designlah!

haila haila,
right now busy with project design, which is supposed to be submit next friday.
but my groupmate already agreed to gather all the works tomorrow.

so i need to push all night today, need to complete essay.

Adilah you can do it! i love to motivate myself. sapa lagi yg boleh memotivatekan diri
selain diri sendiri kan?

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Mardhiah Razally Says:

amboi, busy2 smpat lagi dia tulis.....pape pon, chiyok2!

Adell Says:

Hehe, Ainu! sudah settle da semua~ Alhamdulillah. =D