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17 August 2011

You know what is beautiful ? The friendship that last long.

Even though where ever you go, they still remember you. and when we are together, we still laughing out loud.
from left : mira,fit,yana,eman (bawah), nadya, tqah. :)

we are all twenties, but we were friends since 14. All six years we spend time together, how we met for the first time, how we cherish our friends are all in our memories. kept inside.

There is still more people should come,our besties. But, they have their own reason not to come, study, exams, no transport? :)

and friends.. ill miss this moment when we get together, hearing your talk with full of happiness. Even maybe I dont know ur sadness, and im not beside you when you cry, but believe me.. Ill support you from the back. Even id miss everything in your life, but believe me i still want to be apart of your life,even tiny of its . That you will remember me, as I remember you. ALWAYS.


Saya da sampai sume. Harap dapat ketemu di lain masa. Igt tawww. Kita kne wat something b4 get married. Xkesahlah apa pon. Take care sume. Wassalam

Even though we have changed and we are all finding our own place in the world, we all know thah when tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we will come to each other because no matter where this crazy world take us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we are not all still friends. Take care kawan-kawan :) Semoga kite berjumpa lagi... With lots of LOVE, eman <3

Okey, sume nk bg ayt tacing, ni cm nk nages ni,hoho, . fit xde ayt sdp, ni ayt tulus dri hati, thanks sume! smoga kte jd bestfrindforeversampaisyurga Bffss :) tc, nite people. luv,hugs, kisses !

Wah, thank u guys.. u guys awesome n make me cry la...Inshaallah, kt jmpe b4 fly. Xkesa mane pn kt stdy, we stay friends. I love u guys

A prayer can go where i cannot go.. through prayers,i can be with those i care without being there..i maybe far but my prayers are always with you.. thax 4 everything gurlz only!huhu,hilang glisah stlah lama gle xjmpe.. :)insyaAllah jmpe lg!

‎"A prayer can go where i cannot go. Through prayers, i can be with those i care without being there. I maybe far but my prayers are always with you"

I get this msg/fb from my friend, and ill kept it in my blog. ='D

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Anonymous Says:

salam ziarah dari tinta si penadah langit, mohon tunjok ajar, sori, xde chatbox, tibai je komen :D

Izyan Abdul Razak Says:

adila..kita da update blog..hehe