04 March 2011

1 minutes left, 4 MAC 2011 will end. there will be no more 4/3/2011. now im 20 years old. and this second in my life, i had already deactivate my facebook account for my future. my final examination will be in 2 month from now. STUDY HARD ADILAH!

thank u for all the wishes, pray for me so that i'll meet UK in this September.

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aisyaLALALA Says:

happy birthday adila. may all your dreams come true ;)

Adell Says:

amin! thank u aisyah! urs pun da nak dkt kan? i know awk pun in march gak. hehehe :D

traffic from perth, ilike! hehe :D

yanmamas Says:

dilaa!!may god bless you dear..happy birthday!!!

Adell Says:

thank u yan!~^^ :D

izzati ellyani Says:

happy belated birthday adik adell. semoga bahagia dan berjaya dunia akhirat.

Adell Says:

amin! thank u kak zati~^^

Anonymous Says:

yaumul milad sa'id ya adilah!!
kullu 'am waantum bikhair(:


p/s-ak blk 13 ni insyALLAH.doakan tau.hee~

Adell Says:

ooh fiqash! awk nye pun around the corner. nsb baik blk after ur bday kan. leh smbut kat msia..

tak jdila fit nak wat rombongan pi umah en. awk nak blk da..