tears and now bloods.

24 March 2011

It is true that the life in unikl micet is like a shed of blood and tears. Today,im experiencing the one so-called "Tears". The first tears because of studies. It was very depressing after I got my Material Balance Test. Truthfully, I already knew what the outcome will be, after I had done the test. I cannot answer all the questions, seriously. not one. I thought, I had prepared for the result. Indeed, I was smiling after i hold the test paper. BUT to look at my marks for a long time, it was too depressing.

I GOT 7.5/50. and flash-backing my semester 1 result i managed only to get 69%.

I will not ashamed for what i'd got, and I will not ashamed to show my marks. because, this is truly my actually not ideally but reality marks.

and do u know what, in order to get an A in MatBal+EnergyBal. i have to achieve 98% in FINAL. Hah!

but it is too early to lose hope and say "i give up", i will not. after the tears i shed,now id prepared to shed the so-called "BLOODS". i still have one month time.

Ya ALLAH, please give me the strength. AMIN.

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izzati ellyani Says:

hwaiting.! kalau awk rasa kat micet dah tough, kat oversea is tougher.!

nurfarahashikin Says:

kak dilaa,
kak dila boleh !
usaha, doa tawakkal. :)

Anonymous Says:

Lumrah mang belajaq xde yang senang dila..but you can do it dila..fighting to the end,and believe in yourself=)!anything juz do text me ya if u need someone to talk to..
take care there!

yanmamas Says:

sabar la dila..Allah bagi kesusahan dan kepayahan itu satu ujian untuk dila..sebab Allah tahu dila boleh atasi semua ni..sabar yer..kat micet tu sekejap je lagi da nak habis..

Adell Says:

thank you semua.. for all ur words, it will become my strength!

hope my dream will come true.


dila..never lose hope..!!good luck dear (:

semoga Allah melindungimu..amin