tears and now bloods.

24 March 2011

It is true that the life in unikl micet is like a shed of blood and tears. Today,im experiencing the one so-called "Tears". The first tears because of studies. It was very depressing after I got my Material Balance Test. Truthfully, I already knew what the outcome will be, after I had done the test. I cannot answer all the questions, seriously. not one. I thought, I had prepared for the result. Indeed, I was smiling after i hold the test paper. BUT to look at my marks for a long time, it was too depressing.

I GOT 7.5/50. and flash-backing my semester 1 result i managed only to get 69%.

I will not ashamed for what i'd got, and I will not ashamed to show my marks. because, this is truly my actually not ideally but reality marks.

and do u know what, in order to get an A in MatBal+EnergyBal. i have to achieve 98% in FINAL. Hah!

but it is too early to lose hope and say "i give up", i will not. after the tears i shed,now id prepared to shed the so-called "BLOODS". i still have one month time.

Ya ALLAH, please give me the strength. AMIN.


11 March 2011

Just a short entry, being busy lately.

Happy Birthday Fiqash! May ALLAH bless u.

jangan lupe, kite da LIMA TAHUN tak jmpe. bukan TIGA TAHUN. haiyoo =.=" itu pun boleh lupe kaaa..

May u be a good pharmacist one day. STudy HARD. nak balik mesir da kan this thirteen.

Jangan sedih2. be HAPPY. ALWAYs remmbr that i always remmber u..

salah satu buktinyaa...

i remmber ur birthday! hahaha. bangun2 terus wish tau~!

ok thats all. bye bye nursyafiqahashhuri! miss u. take care there~^^.

opps! kite silap satu mnde.. cik fiqash ni amik medic lah. bukan pharmacist. die amek di U al-azhar~ itu betulkann?? hahaha
thanks to fit because remind! nyanyuksss tol I nih.


04 March 2011

1 minutes left, 4 MAC 2011 will end. there will be no more 4/3/2011. now im 20 years old. and this second in my life, i had already deactivate my facebook account for my future. my final examination will be in 2 month from now. STUDY HARD ADILAH!

thank u for all the wishes, pray for me so that i'll meet UK in this September.