Athiyatul Shakirah bt Abd Ghani

24 February 2011

just a few minutes more, the time will pass. for the last minute, i just want to wish "HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY" to my bestfriend. we have been friends since standard 4. and now she's in her twenties. May ALLAH bless u, and u will remain who u are no matter how hard the life will be,

to Athiyatul Shakirah bt Abd Ghani
thank u for being my friend, even now we're going different path but u are still here with, stay by my side. when i feel lonely and down, u always been there for me. thank u because still contacting me and treat me like im ur bestfriend.

to my bestfriend,
when u feeling down, please know that i'll always been there for u. i have always be grateful by having u as my friend. ALLAH give me treasure which i supposed to appreciate till the end of my life who is u. i hope u always feel happy wherever and whenever.

lastly, happy birthday my friend and thank U ALLAH because let her born in this world. :D

happy birthday atul~^^

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Anonymous Says:

thanks dila..=)))sowey bwu taw gane mhu comment blog owang,huhuhu..