this is a start of a new semester

07 January 2011

its comfirm! tomorrow at 8.30 am i will bertolak from subang jaya to melaka. expected time that i will arrive there maybe around 12.30 pm. oh my! yeah, its true. i wont say i will go to a place so-called "hell" as other ppl said, or a place which is like a misery. no no no! because there is a place where im studying. Universiti Kuala Lumpur-Malaysian Institute Chemical Engineering and Biotechology aka MICET.

and the second sem, which is said to be the hardest part of my micet life. Oh my, and just now, i got my time table. and i sastified with it.why? because i will go back early on friday! yeah!

Fluid Mechanics,Thermodynamics,Energy Balance, Engineering Design,Mathematics, Applied Chemical Engineering wait for me! I will learn all of u! hihihi. I will not be lazy, I wont be lazy! This is a start. Start of the new semester. Wish me luck~^^.

Ya Allah,permudahkanlah ak dalam menimba ilmu-Mu.

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aisyaLALALA Says:

insyaAllah korunk semua boleh. stay focus kayh ;)

Adell Says:

thanks aisya! betul.. kene focus dr awal.

btw, get ready to repeat bio. haiyaaa=.="

belum tahu rslt, tapi rsenye da tau abt bio.

izzati ellyani Says:

sume subject 2nd sem best..!!!! =D