A woman who love that man very much~

29 December 2010

A woman loves you

The woman loves you wholeheartedly

She follows you around like a shadow everyday

She smiles but actually is crying

How much longer do I just have to look at you,alone.

This love that came like a wind

This love that is like a beggar

If I continue this, will u love me?

Just come a little nearer

Just a little bit

If I take one closer step to you,then you take two steps back

I,who love you is next to you now

That woman is crying

That woman is very shy

So she learnt how to smile

There are so many things she cannot tell her closest friend

Her heart is full of tears

So that girl loved you because you were the same

Yet another fool,another fool

Cant you hug me before you leave?

I want to be loved

Everyday in my heart,

just in my heart

I shout "I'm right next to you"

Do you know that I am that woman?

You dont do you?

Because you are just a fool.

This is dedicated to that woman who love that guy secretly, so much until she cannot bear it. I dont know how much the person suffer because I never had been feeling this way.But I do know how "one sided" feeling, because i had like someone before. "Like" only, and I dont think that is love. muahaha. jiwangnyee..

But even like someone make someone suffer,a little bit. That's why I decided not to like someone anymore.To those who suffer because of this,stop it..because there is so much more u can be happy without that feeling.But when the time is come, the right person come. appreciate him or her.[and pergila kahwin cepat-cepat,secepat yg mungkin.haha,smego perhubungan itu terpelihara dan diredhai Allah]

So what with this jiwang karat marat post, hihi. saje-sajejer.. btw, this song is actually the translated of "That woman" sang by Baek Ji Young. OST Secret Garden :))

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nurfarahashikin Says:

wah wah. berpuitis. ;p
secret garden? kawan kite kat sni tga addicted dgn cite tu. hahaha.

Adell Says:

lagu tu yg puitis, not me :P
hehe, ooh yeke.. geng ah! her taste mmg bagos. :D