15 December 2010

today i got a message from my friend (identiti dirahsiakan)

" dila:'(
r u my bestf? "

we have a few short reply msgs after that. and one of my replies :

"but before that. tp truthfully.. after kuar samtaj,kite mmberontak jd kite tak pernah kategorikan spe2 pun bff. perangai kite da berubah after kuar sne.kite mmberontak smpi mse mule2 smpi mrsm pun kite taknak kwn dgn org sgt, taknak rapat dgn spe2. tp after 1 year kat sne da ok sket. tp still perangai kite yg hati dah keras tu ttp tak lebur. kite rapat dgn org tp kite tak letak dorang sbg bff. but just kawan.jd..kite taktau kalo awk tnye psl bff for u what is bff?"

"for me, friend is there for u when u need a support.and when u are wrong, they told u. if die tak support awk, they cannot be consider as a friend pun. and for me, kawan is when u can be honest to them. so no backtalking."

"that is the definition of being in friendship for me. (acece ckp bi tp rubbish) haha!"

but there is a day, i thought that i have lose my bestfriends. because we dont contact anymore, and the silence between us really make me believe that we are no longer bestfriends.

but now i know, for a friendship to happen there must be two person who work on it. after a few hangouts with my samtaj friends. i believe we still can be bestfriends even we hardly see each other, wont we? and im sorry for that useless thought. maybe on that day im too sensitive.
to my samtaj friend that maybe will be reading this post,ade due org jer. fit and eman. hehe. sorry sgt2..the stupid me.baka-baka neko!

and one more, we must appreciate people around us. who take u as their bff. thanks to that PERSON, even when im in this state u still consider me as ur bff :) thank u thank u.

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Anonymous Says:

no matter how seldom we meet n hanging out together, u r still my bff.. before, today n forever :)


even kite jaoh dimate tp d ati =DD
luv ya

Adell Says:

thank u eman, thank u fit. even kite tak sllu jmpe, but korang will remain in my mind.zutto(bhse jepun, kalo tak thu tny org pro)he3

Anonymous Says:

kte pn bce:(
ma,imyvm.hope to c u again:p


Adell Says:

fiqash,takde blog kerr?? boleh le sy bce.

xsgka awk bce. kite penah bg, tp taktau la awk igt g.
hihi. sukenye sy!!


Anonymous Says:

kte mane ade blog laa.bkn jiwa penulis.huhu

Adell Says:

macam kite ader. merepek jer dlm ni. kalo awk ader.. kompem i'll be ur TOP FOLLOWER. seriously^^

WAWA Says:

agagagaga ='')