please support me :)

03 November 2010

I dont know either this is a Principe or what,
but right now..I hold on to..
So dilah,pls be strong. Your heart is very precious,
bukan utk dipermainkan.
dan bukan juga digunakan utk sementara.
so dont give it just to anyone,
you must keep it to that SOMEONE special.
so if you are my friend, please support me.

even though,there is some time
my heart cant hold it,
and i'd done many things to prevent,
I hope I find that SOMEONE,
and that SOMEONE is my future husband.
so if you are my friend, please support me
till I find that SOMEONE.

p/s:entry jiwang [jiwang ker?] because of exam mode!pelik2.

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Anonymous Says:

hasbiyallah hua ni'mal wakil

cukuplah Allah sbg wakil utk segalanya

ngadu kat dier dulu br ngadu kat blog ok :)

Adell Says:

FYI,INdeed Allah is my 1st place utk mengadu,and DOA is one of my
way to prevent that thing to happen.

tq for remind.

yanmamas Says:

jiwangnyer!!!!exam da nk dekat da nih...focus2!!hehe...may Allah bless u dear..

izzati ellyani Says:

nanti bila umo dah 20 tahun, mesti pikir lagi merepek-repek. hahaha.

Adell Says:

to yan : haha,ttbe hilang focus sementara. ni ha tgh focus biology nih..huhu gudluck exam yan,ur last sem here in micet. May ALLAH bless u too. :)

to kak zati : ni mesti kak zati da pkr merepek-repek,kan3?? hehehe :)

xpikirlagi Says:

insyaAllah adell..msenye akan tibe..

WAWA Says:

kikikiiki ^.^