BIOLogy :)

03 November 2010

my 50th post is abt biology,
after a few hours studying biology until now (4.25 am)
i had finished cloning and PCR,teached by DR. Ruzainah~
let me tell u briefly about those topic,so
i will refresh back my memory while resting from reading.
My aim is to finish Dr Ruzainah's topic before i go to sleep.
one more topic,which is DNA REPLICATION.

2)recombination or insertion

PCR,mainly hve 3 process in the thermocycler.
1)denaturation of DNA (90-95 celcius)
2)annealing of primer to the DNA (50 celcius)
3)synthesis of a new DNA strands (70-72 celcius)

and we also need,
DNA template.primers,thermostable DNA polymerase,dNTPs
to have a successful PCR.

k ADilah, now DNA REPLICATION time~^^!

p/s:sorry for the grammar mistakes.:')

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xpikirlagi Says:

adell blaja bio jgk ke..??emmm..engine pon blaja bio?

WAWA Says:

wah..pndai nye ..keke..nak signn~~

Adell Says:

to pikah, aah.. disbbkan kite amek chem engine kat sini kene tahu pasal bio sket.

to fara,nak sign..meh la sini!