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28 September 2010

Tit Tit..I got a msg from one of my friend. If u read this,I want to say thank you very much for this lovely msg.

" She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens. She smiles when she feels like screaming
and she sings when she feels like crying. She cries when she's happy and laughs when she's

Message ni mmg mengena tepat and tertusuk di sanubari. because today, i feel like i want to cry because i feel like i am so stupid. In class, most of them mcm faham today lecture and a few of us mcm tak paham. tapi every lecture kite mcm ssh nak faham,bile org lain fham.. kdg2 feel depressed. mcm kite ni bodoh sgt,ssh sgt nak paham.

Kalo dlu, tk pernah rase mcm ni..maybe because dlu just SPM,and tak sesusah skang. Tp
yg paling tidak patut and tak patut kite buat.. terfikir sejenak yg rse nak give up, and malas
nak smbg belajar. dah takat tu level die..da due kali kite terfkr mnde yg tak ptt dibuat.
1st time,after the accident..and when handling with the police and that someone yg sgt2 teruk! teruk! teruk! rase mcm nak lari kat jalan raya then biar kene langgar. TAPI i know that all is just utk MELARIKAN DIRI DR MASALAH.

terfikir pulak, " tolonglah dilah,Allah baru nak bg ujian kat ko sikit tp ko nak give up. bapak lembik.bukan kau tak suke jd org lembik."

Lately,i thing i lost many of things as im growing older. Some of the lost are very precious.
and u need it,so u can be a good person. disbbkn itulah,every cloud has a silver lining.
Since the accident,buat kite realize that i have lost many things.

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izzati ellyani Says:

adik x faham lecture ape.? u r the one who gonna change ur life.

kalau tak faham, tanya.! bertanya tak bermaksud bodoh. jangan hiraukan org lain. ni masa depan adik sendiri.

be brave my dear. kalau segan nak tnye dlm class, asked the leturer personally.

there is no try. but its either DO or DO NOT.

WAWA Says:

jgn risau dilah..anyway anyhow..find a way to understand..theres always a way..bukan awk sorang je yg slalu rs gtu..kt pun kkdg cmtu..tp bila kt da phm..kt akan smgt nk blajar..find someone thats willing to teach u..:)

Adell Says:

to kak zati :)
thanks kak zati for always advice me. kite ssh sket bile mat bal and biology..tp biology mmg biaselah,
mat bal mcm bru sket. tp right now da ok sket.. cme kite kene rancang mcm mane pace kite,and kene plan sket. mcm kak zati ckp,jmpe lect..do or do not~ hu3

to fara :)
thats mydilah? haha.. there's a way. the way is i must buat lbh sket banding dlu. that someone, blh carik..but kdg2 kite takthu pun mne yg nk tny.hu3