How Bible led me to Islam by Joshua Evans

27 September 2010

Assalamualaikum dear readers or reader.
berfore this, i want to post something with a video.
A video about a Christian man convert to Islam.
He gave a talk,and it was splendid! His name is Joshua Evans,
and i dont know what his muslim name is. Sometimes ppl write it Yusha? but Idont know.
Because of the video was about an hour,so maybe it cant put it in here.
but you can watch it in Youtube

click here to the link :) >>

How he convert to Islam?
At first he was a regular Christian,but about in age of 14 he was indeed a loyal Christian.
He always went to the church with his family and hear the priest talk.
For sure there is a verse in bible in the talk. And he hear,hear..and hear.

One day,in a age of 17..his friend challenge him to read the whole bible.
And of course he accept the challenge,and well he admitted,he was a nerdy person at that time.
Then after the page by page..he got confused.

He was really depressed,He desperately want to find the truth but its hard. He gave up and ask to God,"Where are you when im trying to find you?"

But then,how he manage to find Islam?

His talk was an eye-opener. please look at hear it. it may take a while. but what if we use an hour to hear the talk instead wasting ur time in other not very useful things,such as face-booking? Joshua Evans was 17 at that time and he tried many things to find the truth. But why we, who already 19+++ already know the truth but we completely ignored it.

Dont let the 'beautiful' of the world shadowed the truth of hereafter.

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