01 September 2010

salam :))
for the time being i deactivated my facebook account.
i find it not very useful anyway.
except for the islamic content.
do me a favor pls,if there is any good entry pls let me know :)
so at the moment,
pls contact me by email,blog or phone.

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izzati ellyani Says:

its normal. to thosa yg addicted dgn facebook, gerenti akan deactivate especially time exam.. ;)

Adell Says:

huhu,itulah dr dlu sy rse sy ni mmg x boleh dgn social network ni..asek beronline jer.

WAWA Says:

mane pegi certain2 blog entry?
eh mak kt tnye dila tanak dtg brayekee:P

Adell Says:

kite tak pi pun brye umah awk..xleh nk jln2 sgt blk subang nih. tp kalo ade kesmptn mmg nak.. bile mahu dtg micet?