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28 September 2010

Tit Tit..I got a msg from one of my friend. If u read this,I want to say thank you very much for this lovely msg.

" She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens. She smiles when she feels like screaming
and she sings when she feels like crying. She cries when she's happy and laughs when she's

Message ni mmg mengena tepat and tertusuk di sanubari. because today, i feel like i want to cry because i feel like i am so stupid. In class, most of them mcm faham today lecture and a few of us mcm tak paham. tapi every lecture kite mcm ssh nak faham,bile org lain fham.. kdg2 feel depressed. mcm kite ni bodoh sgt,ssh sgt nak paham.

Kalo dlu, tk pernah rase mcm ni..maybe because dlu just SPM,and tak sesusah skang. Tp
yg paling tidak patut and tak patut kite buat.. terfikir sejenak yg rse nak give up, and malas
nak smbg belajar. dah takat tu level die..da due kali kite terfkr mnde yg tak ptt dibuat.
1st time,after the accident..and when handling with the police and that someone yg sgt2 teruk! teruk! teruk! rase mcm nak lari kat jalan raya then biar kene langgar. TAPI i know that all is just utk MELARIKAN DIRI DR MASALAH.

terfikir pulak, " tolonglah dilah,Allah baru nak bg ujian kat ko sikit tp ko nak give up. bapak lembik.bukan kau tak suke jd org lembik."

Lately,i thing i lost many of things as im growing older. Some of the lost are very precious.
and u need it,so u can be a good person. disbbkn itulah,every cloud has a silver lining.
Since the accident,buat kite realize that i have lost many things.

How Bible led me to Islam by Joshua Evans

27 September 2010

Assalamualaikum dear readers or reader.
berfore this, i want to post something with a video.
A video about a Christian man convert to Islam.
He gave a talk,and it was splendid! His name is Joshua Evans,
and i dont know what his muslim name is. Sometimes ppl write it Yusha? but Idont know.
Because of the video was about an hour,so maybe it cant put it in here.
but you can watch it in Youtube

click here to the link :) >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYMKQKSV0bY

How he convert to Islam?
At first he was a regular Christian,but about in age of 14 he was indeed a loyal Christian.
He always went to the church with his family and hear the priest talk.
For sure there is a verse in bible in the talk. And he hear,hear..and hear.

One day,in a age of 17..his friend challenge him to read the whole bible.
And of course he accept the challenge,and well he admitted,he was a nerdy person at that time.
Then after the page by page..he got confused.

He was really depressed,He desperately want to find the truth but its hard. He gave up and ask to God,"Where are you when im trying to find you?"

But then,how he manage to find Islam?

His talk was an eye-opener. please look at hear it. it may take a while. but what if we use an hour to hear the talk instead wasting ur time in other not very useful things,such as face-booking? Joshua Evans was 17 at that time and he tried many things to find the truth. But why we, who already 19+++ already know the truth but we completely ignored it.

Dont let the 'beautiful' of the world shadowed the truth of hereafter.

ok :)

24 September 2010

just inform im more ok
no,im ok now.
but biaselah kdg2 je boleh terpkr blk
mnde yg trjd.
but conclusionnye..IM OK~^^.

mood up n down

22 September 2010

tiba di micet, kadang2 kite tergelak kuat.
ttbe dalam hati,rase bersalah.. blh pulak kite gembira2
sdgkan dkt rumah ade musibah.
mcm kite da lupe ape yg terjd.
kat sini kt suke2, mak kt kat sane cmne pulak?
tahan dgn kesakitan die.
kadang2 rase bersalah kalo ade rase happy or senyum

maybe bg org lain..
patah tgn tu perkara biasa.
tp bukan utk sy and mak sy.
dgr mcm sikit jer.
tp bg sy besar.

mak dah la sakit, jalan tak larat..berdiri pun tak larat.
tp mak kt still keje,
anak2 mak ade yg pandai masak,tp xnk masak..
mak yg sllu masak,
anak2 mak tak suke lipat baju,
mak yg sllu lipat baju..

takpe mak,minggu ni ala balik ala buat keje eh :)

p/s:kdg2 ade mood,kdg2 xde mood.

Allah give us strength.

21 September 2010

Assalamualaikum, first of all nak tulis sy xde krdt. segale msg and call bkn xnk dilyn but xde krdt and mood tak stabil. lately byk mnde jd, utk ringks kan kite just copy paste surat yg kite bg by mail dkt sorang kwn kite,identiti dirahsiakan.

"Assalamualaikum, mula2 kite nak minta maaf byk2 sbb lambat reply ........ nie. kite igt nak reply after dpt ...... tp byk ,emde happen, harap2 mende ni dpt before ***** pergi Mesir. Kite dpt ...... ni lambat (20 september 2010) maybe die da smpi awal sikit tp kite je yg amik lambat sebab xbalik umah coz jage mak dkt hospital right after the accident. 18 september aritu kite and mak kite accident,kite yg bwk kete. Teruk gak accident,lose control alhamdulillah tak byk kereta. kalo byk kereta xtau apa jd dkt mak kt and kt. cume condition mak kite teruk,pergelangan tgn kana patah kene masuk besi,tgn kanan, ssh nak buat ape2 lepas ni. time tu mulut and hidung mak kite berdarah. kt nervous sgt, nsb bek xlama tu polis anta pergi hospital. kite balik U lambat,pttnye masuk 19 tp blk malam 20. Igtkn xnk balik sbb nak jage mak kite tp kite tau mak kite takkn bg kite ddk hospital lame2. Sume org xslhkn kite tp kite rase bersalah sgt. Sampai sekarang ade lg. Asyik terigt2 kejadian tu. Sbb mmg salah kite mak kite jd mcm tu. Memang kite tahu takdir Allah, and kite bersyukur sgt2 tp rase bersalah still ade. ok enough pasal ni.sorryla byk pen.pen habis dakwat,igtkn nak beli b4 balik tp xsempat. ok abaikan.

So kpd Farah, sorry xreply msg n call. xde krdt. I know skang awk pun not in the good condition. tapi bersabar jelah k.

currently mood,xde mood angkt phone except family,sorry. 1 or 2 hari lg k.


01 September 2010

salam :))
for the time being i deactivated my facebook account.
i find it not very useful anyway.
except for the islamic content.
do me a favor pls,if there is any good entry pls let me know :)
so at the moment,
pls contact me by email,blog or phone.


yes,im losing my ownself right now~
get back up dilah, try to gain back.
achieve what u had achieve.
nothing is impossible. i know u can.